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Dental Fillings in Martensville

Dental Fillings Martensville

Did you know there are a few different options for dental fillings that can be used to fill a cavity? We’ll be happy to help explain all your different alternatives to get the type of dental filling that fits your preference. Our friendly team at Centennial Dental Clinic in Martensville is here to help guide the process for you. We’ll recommend the best solution from all the new options that are available, as well as the tested and true ways.

Approaches for Dental Fillings

One of the ways a tooth can be filled if by a Direct Filling. After we clean out the portion of your tooth that is decaying, direct fillings go right into the cavity space. We can use amalgam (silver) fillings or plastic (white) fillings. In each case, these types of fillings harden quickly and usually you can have a direct filling put in place in one appointment.

Another way a tooth can be filled is through an Indirect Filling. You may have heard of these called by another name – crowns (or caps) and inlays. These indirect fillings are custom made in our lab to fit your tooth precisely. In most cases, these indirect fillings take a couple of appointments or more to complete.

As you can see, there are very different approaches to dental fillings. Drop by for an assessment. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the approach that makes the most sense for you. For more information on dental filling alternatives, visit our dental crowns page.