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Dental Check Ups in Martensville

Regular Dental Check Ups

Regular check ups from your dentist are essential to keep your teeth and gums at their best. Brushing and flossing everyday is important to make your teeth sparkle, but dentists can discover some undetected issues. Your dentist is trained to notice problems at their early stages to manage things like loose fillings, cavities, gum disease, infection, or even the initial signs of more serious problems like cancer of the mouth.

So how often should we have one of those regular dental check ups? At Centennial Dental Clinic in Martensville, we recommended a dental exam or check up every six months for most people. There are others that may need to come in less or more often depending on a number of factors such as personal cleaning habits, dental, diet, history, or overall health. The main purpose of regular dental check ups is to make sure we catch problems early and can treat them to prevent larger issues.

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